Hessaire Outdoor Rated Portable Evaporative Cooler 1,600 Sq. Ft. Coverage 3 Speed MC61M

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14.6-gallon tank

Economical Cooling

Lower the temperature in medium-sized work and entertainment spaces without the need for costly air conditioners. The Hessaire MC61M provides cooling to areas up to 1,600 square feet without putting a dent in your wallet. Weighing only 63-pounds, it’s easy to roll from area to area on its heavy duty caster wheels. Just over 3 ½ feet tall and around 2-feet wide means it provides a powerful performance without taking up a lot of space.

Unlike other swamp coolers that only have cooling media on 1 side, this portable evaporative cooler features high-density rigid media on 3 sides. The cooling process happens when air is drawn into the unit and passes over the damp pads. The cooled air is then pushed out of the unit and into your space.

Powerful Airflow

Not only is this a mobile evaporative cooler, but you’ll get a powerful flow of cooling relief. Created with unique features from Hessaire, it’ll deliver up to 5,300 CFM of airflow to the areas you need it most. An innovative small axial fan design ensures plenty of cool, fresh air flows through, and the 3-fan speeds are great for selecting the speed that works best for you. Additionally, the 2-cool settings allow you to adjust based on your comfort level, while oscillating left to right louvers guarantees cool air is directed across the entirety of the space.

Simple to Operate

With easy-to-use controls and quick maintenance, you’ll always have high capacity indoor/outdoor cooling at the tip of your fingers. A mechanical control panel, featuring the power button, fan speed, cooling, leveland oscillation, means easier operation for users. Manual fill the unit through the front into the 14.6-gallon tank for 3-4 hours of constant cooling, or opt for the continuous water fill option, which allows you to enjoy automatic fill with a simple garden hose hook-up.

Additional Features:

  • Water Level Display: The easy to read water level display next to the door lets you know when the tank is full.
  • Top Tray: A multi-functional top tray provides a useful place for storage of tools and other objects.
  • Cooling Pad Notification: The cooling pad will occasionally need to be cleaned. When attention is required an indicator light on the control panel will let you know.
  • Easy to Drain: Water can be quickly removed from the cooler by removing the drain plug and tipping the unit back.
  • Protected Plug: With a GFCI plug, power will be turned off should water or other unintended currents be detected.